About us


Edema ApS is a spin-off company resulting from collaboration between Ohmatex ApS and prof. Michael Hasenkam as owners, working exclusively with the development of medical and biological measuring equipment concerning edema.

The Edema stocking concept was originated by experimental cardiac surgeon at Skejby University Hospital prof. Hasenkam, where he wanted to find a simple, effective and reliable solution for patients and medical staff to measure significant changes in volume of the lower limbs, and the theory of using a stocking with an electronic strain gauge was created.

Ohmatex ApS was approached to explore the feasibility of the concept and is now developing the final stages of the Edema Stocking.

Founded in March 2004 with the aim of commercializing research developments and technologies in smart textiles and wearable electronics, Ohmatex has extensive experience with the integration of electronics in technical textiles for a wide variety of applications.